We are characterizing global gene regulation in Corynebacterium glutamicum and Escherichia coli with a particular focus on the central carbon metabolism and on amino acid biosynthesis. Especially, using the DNA microarray technology established in our group since several years made it possible to unravel regulatory mechanisms governing the adaptation of these bacteria to a changing environment. An additional focus is on the genetic and biochemical characterization of the involved enzymes and metabolic pathways.

Applied research aims at rational strain development based on the functional genomics results in the form of a genome-based biotechnology. We are constructing high-performance strains for the production of amino acids and primary metabolites under the framework of White Biotechnology.

Basic research work centers around the identification of the components and the logic of the gene regulatory network of C. glutamicum, which appears to have a modular and hierarchical structure. Finally, our work shall contribute to establishing a systems-level understanding of the bacterial cell with the biotechnologically important C. glutamicum as an example.