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Nationality German
Room W3 264
Tel +49 521 106-67293
e-mail sarah_nicola.jung[@]uni-bielefeld.de




Jung SN, Longtin A, Maler L (2015) Weak signal amplification and detection by higher-order sensory neurons.J Neurophysiol. 2016 Feb 3:jn.00811.2015. doi: 10.1152/jn.00811.2015.

Goulet J, van Hemmen JL, Jung SN, Chagnaud BP, Schölze B, Engelmann J (2012) Temporal precision and reliability in the velocity regime of a hair-cell sensory system: the mechanosensory lateral line of goldfish, Carassius auratus. J Neurophysiol 197(10): 2581-2593

Jung SN, Borst A, Haag J (2011) Flight activity alters velocity tuning of fly motion-sensitive neurons. J Neurosc. 31: 9231-9237. Highlighted in: Current Biology 21:R650-R652

Hofmann MH, Jung SN, Chagnaud BP, Preissner M, Siebenaller U, Wilkens LA (2008) Response properties of electrosensory units in the midbrain tectum of the paddlefish (Polyodon spathula). J Exp Biol 211: 773-339

Hofmann MH, Jung SN, Wilkens LA (2007) Resonant properties in the paddlefish electrosensory system caused by delayed feedback. Biological Cybernetics 97:413-421

Conference Proceedings | Talks

Jung SN (2016) Spatial learning using the electric sense in weakly electric fish (Gnathonemus petersii) - Annual meeting of the DZG, Kiel, Germany

Jung SN (2014) Weak signal detection in weakly electric fish. - Tübingen, Germany

Jung SN (2014) Weak signal detection in the electrosensory system.- 'Electric fish meeting', Mont-Saint-Hilaire, Canda

Jung SN (2013) Weak signal detection in weakly electric fish.- Neuronal systems and behavior, summer school, Woods Hole, USA

Jung SN (2013) Weak signal detection in vivo. - 'Electric fish meeting', Mont-Saint-Hilaire, Canada

Jung SN (2011) Visual motion detection in tethered flying flies.  – ‘Brain & Behavior Seminar’, Bielefeld, Germany

Conference Proceedings | Posters

Jung SN, Marcoux C, Longtin A, Maler L (2013) Biophysical mechanisms and computational principles of weak signal detection. - SFN, San Diego, USA

Jung SN, Longtin A, Maler L (2012) Weak Signal Detection by Pyramidal Cells of the Electrosensory System. - Satellite Symposium, Neuroethology, Maryland, USA

Jung SN, Borst A, Haag J (2011) Visual motion detection in tethered flying flies. 9th Göttingen Meeting of the German Neuroscience Society. Göttingen, Germany.


Oct 2003 – Aug 2006 Tutor for “Mathematics in Biology’

June 2013 & June 2014 Teaching Assistant ‘Neuronal systems and behavior’

Awards and Memberships

 September 2015 – present DFG return fellowship, Bielefeld

 April 2013 – March 2015 DFG Postdoctoral Fellowship, Ottawa

 Jan 2009 – Oct 2011 Bernstein Center for Computational Neuroscience, Munich

 June 2008 – May 2011 DFG Research Training Group Orientation and Motion in Space: Fellowship, Munich

 Oct 2007 – Oct 2011 International Max Planck Research School for Molecular and Cellular Life Sciences, Munich

 June 2010 – July 2010 Grass Foundation – Scholarship for summer school, Woods Hole

Organisation of Events

April 2009 PhD-Symposium Interact – htttp://www.munich-interact.org/; Function: Head of the Steering Committee