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 Current issue of The Journal of Experimental Biology (216 (13)) focusses on weakly electric fishes (see also this review in the Süddeutsche Zeitung):


Recent interdisciplinary articel on the visual specialisation of the electric fish published in "Science",

for more information, see press:

"DIE ZEIT" (No. 28, 5. Juli 2012)

"IDW"(Informationsdienst Wissenschaft, 29.06.2012)


Our recent work on the coding in the mechanosensory lateral line : in press cover:

Westfalenblatt 02.2011

Ampullary electroreceptors "in front":   

Following the Wake: Computational and Neuronal mechanisms of hydrodynamic tracking

Electric Perspective: On active electrolocation and influence of motor activity

Electrifying Love: On electric signals and evolution: The New York Times, Nature, New Scientist and The Scientist   (copyright Chris Gash)