Invited talks of DZG-sections sorted by date.



Morphology I - Irina Ruf (GER) Evolution and functional morphology of the mammalian inner ear

Behaviour I - Timo Thünken (GER) Functions and mechanisms of kin discrimination in a cichlid fish.


Physiology I - Wiebke Herzog (GER) A live view on endothelial cell migration in zebrafish.

Neurobiology I - Michael Metzen (CA) Serotonergic SK channel modulation promotes adaptive optimized coding of natural stimuli.



Evolution I -Philine Feulner (CH) Enomics of ecological speciation across the Swiss Alpine whitefish radiation.

Physiology II - Violetta Pilorz (UK) A journey of the light from the eye to the physiology.


Ecology I -Katja Heubel (GER) Ecological divergence and context-dependent reproductive decisions along a salinity gradient.

Neurobiology II - Ingrid Ehrlich (GER) Amygdala circuits and the control of fear memory.


Systematics I - Carolin Haug (GER) Evolution of body organisation in arthropods and its implications on systematics and character transformation.

Behaviour II - Wiebke Schuett (GER) Sexual selection and life-history trade-offs mediate animal personality differences.



Ecology II -Stefan Geisen (NLD) Soil biodiversity beyond animals, bacteria and fungi: A consensus on the highly diverse and functionally important Protists (Protozoa).

Systematics II - Karen Meusemann (GER) Title


Evolution II -Jan Oettler (GER) Fom conceptual to mechanistic analyses: Eco-evo-devo of social insect plasticity.

Morphology II - Andy Sombke (GER) Morphology and evolution of sensory and processing systems in mandibulate arthropods.