Keynotes sorted by date.


1130 Satellite Keynote M. MacIver, USA Understanding animals through sensory evolution and robotics.
1730 Opening Lecture B. Misof, GER Title to be announced.


900 Plenary Lecture H. Hillebrand, GER Ecological stoichiometry – a framework to understand trophic interactions and species coexistence.
1000 Plenary Lecture S. Immler, SWE The evolutionary consequences of selection at the gametic level.
1330 Plenary Lecture B. de Bivort , USA Title to be announced.
1500 Plenary Lecture J. Benda, GER Communication in the wild at the limits of sensation


900 Plenary Lecture H. Kokko, CH Males exist. Does it matter?
1000 Plenary Lecture A. Kepecs, USA Confidence in rats, humans and mathematics.
1900 Public Lecture J. Ruther, GER Die Chemie muss stimmen - sexuelle Kommunikation bei parasitischen Wespen.


900 Plenary Lecture B. Taborsky, CH Proximate and ultimate causes of developmental plasticity.
1000 Plenary Lecture S. Fritz, GER Macroevolution meets macroecology: diversity in space and time.