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*) Student: including PhD-students before graduation. *) Does not apply to the Animal Welfare Workshop - the fee for this Workshop is 50€ for all participants.


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When registering please note:
  • At least one author of each contribution needs to be a DZG-member.
  • Each participant may only present one first author contribution.
  • Abstract submission ends on 30th of June!
  • Abstracts (excluding title, author(s) and affiliation(s)) must not exceed 2000 characters!
  • You can order a ticket for the public transportation system that is valid during the conference, including satellites (11.-16.09.). This special offer will pay-off for everybody using the public transportation system at least 4-times!
  • Prices for the party on the 15th are very moderate and include food and beverages. Please join us for this happening to celebrate your meeting in a special location!
  • DZG-members pay a reduced fare. If you are not a member yet, save money and become a member now! Membership is 10 € for students, if your are in your PhD it is 20 € and 60 € for seniors. To directly get to the membership form, click here!