Welcome to the LiMiTec, the Light Microscopy Technology Platform of Bielefeld University.The LiMiTec started as an intiative of the Faculty of Biology and the Faculty of Chemistry and now represents a state-of-the-art and outstanding imaging facility bundling all light microscopes of the Faculty of Biology and the Faculty of Chemistry. The group of Thomas Huser from the Faculty of Physics provides a strong expertise in Raman microscopy and super resolution microscopy.



2nd International Conference on Nanoscopy (ICON 2018) 

February 27th 2018 - March 2nd 2018

Venue: University of Applied Science Bielefeld



New Locations of Microscopes and PCs: The PolScope has been moved to W01-236 and is back on duty. The PC for image processing with the ZEN-software can be found in the isotope lab (W0-201).


Recent Publications

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